Sweet Chili:

一个多月前的伦敦还要穿成这个样子,现在已经春光明媚了!我只想说,纽约人,坚持住!Now I'm going to have to admit that this was an outfit shot more than a month ago. Back then we still needed fleece, knit, fur all layered up together. London has then went through a phase of incredibly spring/summer like weather, during which made posting this look seem rather ridiculous. I waited and waited(remembering that we have had snow in March at one point in London not long ago), but I finally decided to give up and just post this for the people in New York instead!

And plus, a thick and warm coat by itself, is actually an incredible garment for the kind of weather we have in London now! You can have just a t-shirt or a silk dress underneath that's ready to be shown off as soon as entering anywhere with heating on.

// Fur Lined Parka(similar) from River Island //

// who cares what I was wearing underneath? //

// Bag from Matter Matters //

// Jeans(similar) from Topshop //

// Shoes(similar) from Tod's //

// Sunglasses(similar) from Quay on ASOS.com //

// Lip Colour(to match my bag) from Rimmel London(colour 01) //



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